Junior & Portfolio Prep


Junior Prep & Portfolio Prep

Still Life | Landscape | Figure Design Collage Sculpture

Drawing  |  Painting  | Printmaking | Clay | Mixed-Media


  • Junior Prep       :  4th – 7th Grade

  • Portfolio Prep  :  8th – 12th Grade, Adults


This class is designed to assist students in building a strong complete portfolio for college admissions to art school, architecture school, or as an extra activity for other majors. The instructors provide assistance on a personal level, ensuring that each student presents the highest quality works to the colleges for which they are applying. Helping students exhibit their skills is the main focus of this program. Students who have participated in this program have been very successful in gaining admission to the college programs of their choice.




Fall and Spring Semester Schedules

Thurday 4:00pm ~ 7:00pm
Friday 4:00pm ~ 7:00pm
Saturday 10:00am ~ 1:00pm   |   1:00pm ~ 4:00pm


Summer Program Schedules

Friday 4:00pm ~ 7:00pm
Saturday 10:00am ~ 1:00pm   |   1:00pm ~ 4:00pm



New students pay a one time $50 registraiton fee.

2hrs/wk   $160/mo
3hrs/wk   $230/mo
6hrs/wk   $460/mo
Contact us to consult
other hrs/wk options.

* Supplies are not included.
* Based on 4 weeks per month