Girl / Boy Scouts Art Class

Little Picasso is a great location for Troops to visit! We offer art lessons for each level of Girl / Boy Scouts to earn the Art badge. Our teacher is a degreed art education instructor. Little Picasso is committed to providing a creative, exciting event for your Troop that will earn you every level requirement for each Petal or Badge that is offered. Your girls will have a great time while experiencing the creative side of Girl / Boy Scouting.


– Please email or call us to set up a specific time to have a class.

(usually, Friday 7pm – 8:30pm,  Saturday  4:30 pm – 5 pm, or Sunday 1pm -2:30)

– 1 hour and 30 minutes total : 1 hour and 15 minutes of the time will be used for an art lesson by our instructor. 15 minutes will be reserved for snack time.




– A certified art instructor, aided by an assistant if there is a large party, will teach the class.

– We charge $20 for each students (minimum of 10 students to have a class). We can have a maximum of 30 children.

– A $100 deposit will be needed upon registration. The remaining amount will be due by the date of the party.

– Snack is not included, although you are welcome to bring it.


Art Lesson Specifics 

– We have two rooms: one for the art lesson and one bigger room for the snack; parents may mingle while we hold the art lesson in the other room.



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