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Little Picasso & Portfolio Prep happily introduces Mobile Picasso.

We have been teaching passionately for over twenty years in Annandale, Virginia. Thanks to our great artists producing amazing art work and spreading our name, we have received many requests for lessons throughout our region. 

So we have decided to open Mobile Picasso to spread our great lessons by providing classes in public & private schools, community centers, galleries, and other places that desire professional art lessons and instructors for all ages.

Please contact us if you would like to begin a partnership with us, or if your child’s school does not have our class in its after school program.  We will be more than happy to send information to your child’s school.

We currently have a limited number of instructors ready for the upcoming semester.

Please contact us as soon as possible to register your school today.

Mobile Little Picasso copy


What makes us different from other after school art services?

  • Three customized departments: Little Picasso & Portfolio Prep is Virginia’s finest school of visual arts. Established in 1995, we are a private institution devoted to expanding the artistic abilities of students of all ages. Our program is divided into three customized departments that vary by age and artistic goals: Little Picasso (preschool to third grade), Junior Prep (fourth to seventh grade), and Portfolio Prep (high school students, college students, and adults).

  • Physical headquarters – a school with tradition and history: Unlike other programs, we have been teaching students out of our head studio in Fairfax County for over 20 years. This is the critical point that makes us exceptional and different from other art programs. We are not an “invisible” administration printing out lesson plans or operate only on an online basis.  Instead, we are a thriving school with proven curriculum developed throughout the years.  Here, we develop and refine our lessons over and over to perfection to educate our own students.

  • Great Instructors: Our head director, Ms. June, was a previous Fairfax County art teacher, and is familiar with the needs of Fairfax County students. We selectively hire teachers who have a foundation in fine arts but also bring diverse range of individual skills and backgrounds.  Our teachers are Fairfax County school art teachers, architects, local artists, painters, graphic designers, college professors, and illustrators.

  • Onsite personal training for all instructors: Not all great artists can be great teachers. All of our instructors have to go through our onsite personal training to become familiar to our curriculum and lesson plans ensuring that our students produce by students are consistent and of excellent quality. On top of individual training, we utilize our own video tutorials to ensure a standardization of high level quality in student instruction and output.

  • Powerful curriculum and strong lesson plans: For 20 years, there have been all kinds of instructors in our studio. As they served with LP&Prep, the instructors created their unique lesson plans using their artistic experience and backgrounds. The past twenty years worth of lesson plans left behind by instructors have been kept intact and recorded. After careful revision and editing, LP&Prep has collected and crafted a powerful curriculum.

  • Diverse lessons: Our lessons encompass variety of fine art concentrations including drawing and illustrating, painting, landscapes, cartoons, fashion design, manga, clay sculpture, architecture, and printmaking, and many more. We teach the fundamentals of fine art step-by-step, giving students the tools necessary to flourish and blossom their individual creativity.

  • Diverse media: We offer instruction in all kinds of medium, from drawing and painting to sculpting and everything in between.

  • Future Lessons: We customize our lessons to students’ individual ages and skill levels. If any child outgrows or surpasses the level of their peers, we provide them with opportunities that match their specific needs and abilities, either at their school, in our studio, or through one of our online programs.

  • All of our lessons have been developed and refined hundreds of times in our art school with our students. Successful student outcomes are guaranteed, and customized by age and level.