Happy Father’s day & Little Picasso’s Last class of 2014-15

Saturday, June 20th was the last day of the 2014-2015 school year at Little Picasso!!
For our last project, we created portraits of dads as Rockstars. We had so much fun putting the sunglasses on their faces and playing with their hair!
To all the daddies,
Happy Father’s Day and you all rock!!!
 IMG_7516 copy
IMG_7490 copy
To our little artists,
I can’t believe we went through the 36 weekly lessons and finished the whole sketchbook.
Time flew by so fast!!
Thank you for all the inputs and for making the classes so colorful. Have a great summer~ See you soon!
IMG_7523 copy
Special thanks to Clara Thomas who painted a portrait of me. I love all the details,
especially the realistic paint marks on my smock! Thanks!
Ms. Iris

IMG_7536 copy

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