Girl Scouts Nation’s Capital visits Little Picasso!

Last Tuesday, Little Picasso had special guests, Girl Scouts Nation’s Capital, who was invited by our current student, Caitlyn Kennedy. Caitlyn is one of our remarkable students, who used to be in the Little Picasso class and now in the Junior Prep class.


girl scouts2


With the 17 lovely students, we created French bull dog painting in Pop Art style (based on an American Pop artist, Roy Lichtenstein). We had so much fun drawing chubby, grumpy, hungry, or serious looking bulldogs and painting them with bright colors. We also tried mimicking Roy Lichtenstein’s signature ben-day dots. And the girls fell in love with their own fat grumpy French bulldogs. Who wouldn’t?


girl scouts1


What I was so impressed with was their discipline and creativity. All the girls followed the directions well and were very organized. After the session, they received Girl Scouts Art badges. Congratulations to all Girls Scouts Young Artists!

Ms. Iris

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