Manga / Cartoon


Since our Saturday monthly Manga / cartoon classes has been very successful, we have decided to expand the program to further develop and fulfill our students’ needs.

Thank you for being great artists and providing us continuous inputs to improve our Manga program!


We are introducing the following new additions to the Manga program:

  1. Specialized Manga Saturday Classes : Every Saturday , 2 hours / 3hours between 10am – 2pm 
  • <NEW> Digital manga drawing lessons (need to bring own laptop and tablet)
  • Still offering hand drawing lessons
  1. Manga / Cartoon  Summer Camp (
  • 2 week, full / half day hand drawing manga lessons
  • Also include couple of fine art lessons, helping to build basic foundation for manga composition.
  1. Manga Birthday Party (
  • One-hour lesson in creating a manga character!
  • Another hour is reserved for the birthday party and cleanup/pickup


Through these program, students can develop into future animators, game designers, cartoonist, webtoonist, and Digital artists!
However, don’t forget LP&Prep is a strong fine art instructional school and even our manga lessons are based on fine art principles.  Without basic foundation in figure drawing, still life, architecture and landscape, students cannot fulfill their potential in manga!  We recommend attend fine art lesson along with the manga program.



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