Little Picasso

Preschool ~ 4th Grade
Classes are held once a week for two hours a day. For each session, students will be divided into three different groups: Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced. There will be a limit of 6 students for the Beginning group and 10 students for the Intermediate and Advanced groups.



Junior Prep and Portfolio Prep

Junior Prep 4th – 7th Grade
Portfolio Prep 8th – 12th Grade, Adult

This class is designed to assist students in building a strong complete portfolio for college admissions to art school, architecture school, or as an extra activity for other majors. The instructors provide assistance on a personal level, ensuring that each student presents the highest quality works to the colleges for which they are applying. Helping students exhibit their skills is the main focus of this program. Students who have participated in this program have been very successful in gaining admission to the college programs of their choice.



Summer Camp

This is intensive two-week Fine Arts Camp during the summer. Students will learn how to draw, paint, and sculpt clay, etc. Summer Camp is great fun and educational!



Clay Class

Due to high demand, we will now be offering specialized CLAY classes. As we are mainly a fine arts foundation program, the Clay classes will still include students preparing conceptual drawings for each clay project. This means students will still be getting drawing lessons as well. We currently have three clay lessons throughout the school year in the regular program, but for the specialized Clay classes, we will offer two 4 week sessions for each semester.



Girl Scouts Art Class

Little Picasso is a great location for Troops to visit! We offer art lessons for each level of Girl Scouts to earn the Art badge. Little Picasso is committed to providing a creative, exciting event for your Troop that will earn you every level requirement for each Petal or Badge that is offered. Your girls will have a great time while experiencing the creative side of Girl Scouting.



Birthday Party

A great way to celebrate your child’s birthday is by throwing him/ her a party at the Little Picasso.



Adult Studio

Coming soon!